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The Film/TV Travel Operations Manager

San Diego, CA · Hospitality/Travel

The Film/TV Travel Operations Manager (FM) oversees our team of Account Managers and travel coordinators who arrange accommodations for the high paced and exciting Film and Television industry clients. The FM is always focused on maintaining quality control, Key Performance Indicators, client satisfaction, while maintaining a positive and professional management style under pressure, in a fast-paced environment. This job can require long hours when supporting a major Film/TV production, but it also comes with great flexibility. They will work closely with both Sales and Operations Leadership and be primarily responsible for the success of our Film/TV travel division.

Detailed Management Duties and Expectations:

Company Culture Characteristics:

· Be enthusiastic about our team and clients.

· Be confident, honest and personable.

· Be motivated, dependable, and embrace challenges and conquer them with pride.

· Be willing to go above and beyond in every aspect of your job.

Position Responsibilities:

· Must be an innovative leader with management experience that goes beyond simply meeting customer expectations and maintaining status quo.

· Must have the energy and vision to lead in a collaborative manner and produce high quality results.

· Maintain positive work relationships, remain flexible and supportive in order to achieve common goals.

· Ability to motivate, mentor, and inspire to build the best service team in the business

· Be able to hold team members accountable and drive them towards excellence.

· Be highly organized and accurate with sharp decision-making skills.

· Be adaptable to constantly changing requirements dictated by client-driven or other factors.

· Available on call after hours for employees, clients, and vendors.

· Responsible for outlining the importance of client and vendor relations; fostering new relationships, maintaining current ones, and repairing damaged ones.

· Ensure that individual attention is given to each member of the department to establish personal/professional goals and objectives.

· Guide employees in developing critical thinking skills to enable them to make independent, customer service-related decisions through trainings, seminars, shadowing, etc.

· Monitor employee performance and workload and take appropriate disciplinary action if necessary.

· Ensure department stays current on Film and TV industry trends.

· Oversee audit of workload for rate integrity, adequate research and sufficient range of options.

Position Skills / Qualifications:

· 4-6 years of management experience in a customer service field is ideal

· Technically proficient in using CRM & Operations Platforms.

· Advanced computer skills in MS Office.

· High attention to detail and ability to analyze large amounts of data.

· Ability to multi-task, work under pressure, and meet deadlines.

· Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation abilities.

· Strong verbal and written communication skills.

· Exceptional leadership abilities.

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