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Tax Supervisor

Woodland Hills, CA
Summary of Responsibilities:
Supervisors assume management responsibilities for specific clients. They
prepare tax returns, direct and review the work of staff and senior accountants,
are capable of making decisions on most accounting, tax and audit matters and
can communicate directly with clients. Proficient technical skills in a variety of tax
and accounting areas, along with communication and supervisory skills are
Supervisors are expected to do everything a senior accountant can do and:
1. Adhere to the firm’s Quality Control Procedures and effectively supervise
and train staff accountants and senior accountants in accordance with the
Quality Control Policies and Procedures.
2. Assume responsibility for planning, supervising, keeping work on schedule
and completing engagements efficiently.
3. Plan the timing and assigning of staff to engagements.
4. Assist in training senior and staff accountants and offer guidance and
5. Develop strong technical skills in their assigned areas.
6. Review engagement work papers, resolve any problems.
7. Efficiently supervise staff and senior accountants and paraprofessionals
on engagements, including reviewing work papers and tax returns.
8. Possess technical knowledge sufficient to supervise staff and senior
accountants, provide feedback and evaluate their performance.
9. Assist in administrative functions as assigned by partners.
10. Keep partners informed of important developments on engagements;
analyze problems and recommend solutions.
11. Manage client accounts and recognize opportunities to provide additional
services and planning opportunities to existing clients.

12. Be responsible for billing, communicate details of fees to clients
13. Proactively get work from clients, delegate, review, and make sure it gets
to partners on time.
14. Prepare other reports and projects as requested from time to time by the
15. Develop at least one billable area of expertise, such as A&A, Fiduciary,
QB Consulting, Taxation of Real Estate, SALT, etc.
16. Take on nonbillable firm administration responsibilities
17. Be able to act on client’s behalf (IRS, bankers, creditors, etc.)
18. Optional -- Plan, coordinate, and efficiently supervise various phases of
financial statement engagements, including budgeting time, monitoring
actual performance against budget, reviewing work papers for accuracy,
completeness, suitability of presentation and adequacy of disclosures.

Expected annual billable hours: 1475 hours

Working Conditions and Required Experience: This job primarily involves
work in the firm’s office or at the client’s site. There is a moderate to low overtime
requirement during non-tax season. However, during busy season and when
required to complete a tax or audit engagement high levels of overtime may be
required. Supervisors normally have a minimum of three to five years’ experience
as senior accountants (or equivalent experience as deemed appropriate by the

Required Licenses, Certificates or Knowledge:
A current and valid CPA, JD or EA license is required.
Safety Hazards of the Job:
Minimal hazards. General office working conditions.

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