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Staff Accountant

Woodland Hills, CA
Summary of Responsibilities:
The work assigned to staff accountants is supervised by supervisors, managers
and partners. Initially they are assigned to less complex accounting and tax
projects. As they gain experience, they are given greater responsibilities and
more complex projects. Performance is judged based on the quality of work,
application of accounting knowledge, and ability to meet time constraints.

Staff accountants are expected to:

1. Understand and adhere to the firm’s policies and procedures including the
Quality Control Procedures.
2. Record transactions and prepare trial balances using QuickBooks.
3. Become proficient in the preparation of corporate, individual, partnership,
fiduciary (possibly), and other tax returns prepared by the firm. Assume
responsibility for completion of tax returns under the supervision of more
experienced staff.
4. Develop accounting skills and become proficient at preparing financial
5. Obtain an understanding of the types of financial statement engagements
offered by the firm and perform audit, review, and compilation procedures
as assigned by supervisors.
6. Obtain a working knowledge of research techniques and the various
research sources available to the firm.
7. Respond to tax notices and prepare drafts of letters required in an
effective manner.
8. Prepare 1099s, payroll, sales and other local tax returns. Prepare fictitious
business name statement and business license applications and
9. Process monthly payroll for clients.

Staff Accountant Role Description – August 2018
10. Prepare zero outs and projections.
11. Assist clients with setup or closing/dissolution of business entities.
12. Be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize and meet
13. Attend various continuing education seminars.
Expected annual billable hours: 1550 hours
Working Conditions and Required Experience:
This job primarily involves work in the firm’s office or at the client’s site. There is
a moderate to low overtime requirement during non-busy season. However,
during busy season and when required to complete a tax or audit engagement,
high levels of overtime may be required. Either hold a current and valid
certified public accountant’s license or be working toward obtaining the license
by taking and passing the CPA exam.
Educational Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree, preferably in accounting.
2. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in English.
3. Have experience with Microsoft Office.

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