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Loan Officer

Goodyear, AZ · Accounting/Finance


1. Develop and maintain 25 Realtor relationships
2. Generate 50-200 leads per month
3. Lead and manage team

1. Develop and maintain 25 Realtor relationships:

  • Call list of 40 big Realtors categorized A, B, C: called every Monday before noon.
  • Birthday program with food and gifts o Full greatness tracker every week
  • Two happy hours per month
  • One lunch and learn per month
  • Two buddy lunches per month

2. Generate50-200 leads:

  • Top 50 list
  • Birthday program
  • Call monthly
  • Lunch 2 times per year o 400 person database
  • Mail every month
  • Call twice a year
  • 10 business people that you refer and they refer you
  • See them every month

3. Lead and manage team:

  • Hire strong, committed, ambitious people
  • LPII first at 3 closings per month
  • Hire dialer to talk to 100 Realtors and past clients per week
  • Hire LPI at 6 closings (could be 2nd hire if LO is good sales person) o Daily team meeting
  • Train weekly, 1 topic per week
  • Weekly lunch with team
  • Monthly outing as celebration for hitting #
  • Semi-annual review per person, raises annually
  • Base + $0-small team per deal bonus
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