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Regional Sales Manager

Tamp Bay, Florida · Accounting/Finance

Hello, my name is_____, I’m the Vice president of Strategic Initiatives at this Lender.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, tell you a bit about my unique role at our Lender and touch on this new endeavor we are starting with.

I’m a bit of an oddity in the mortgage industry. My background was largely biotech and I’ve also been a business consultant for more than 10 years. This Lender actually hired me on a 6-month consulting contract nearly 6 and a half years ago.

Initially I was brought to help breakthrough a ceiling that this Lender had hit, $1.3-1.5B in annual production. TO do this I oversaw the company’s brand redevelopment and digital asset creation, like the website. Then I sought to create a compelling partnership program and grow that- I developed a very unique partnership program designed for builders and realty groups. In the 3 years that followed I brought over more than 75 builder partnerships and dozens and dozens of realty partnerships. This Lender grew to $3B in the 24 months after I was hired. I’ve continued to create and implement unique strategies to drive referral business, sometimes from non-traditional sources and continue to drive growth throughout the organization.

My role has grown since then and I now sit on the corporate leadership teams, but still maintain my function as the in-house business consultant, working with the corporate office, our branches and partners. My job in that role is quite simply to add revenue streams and grow profitability. I use methods and strategies haven’t been used before in Mortgage and that I’ve brought from other industries with proven success.

Now, who is this Lender. This Lender is a 22-23 y/o company, we have 40 branches, 300+ employees, do about $3B in annual production and are part of a $100B conglomerate of financial companies- we have tremendous financial, technical, and other support. The core of our culture is family. We are family first and everyone we work with is a part of the C family. Our priorities are, in this order; Family (employees), referral partners, then borrowers. Without our employees we don’t have referral relationships, without referral relationships we don’t have borrowers- we recognize this order and act appropriately.

My latest project in taking the East, starting in Florida, and building our business out there. I’m looking for Regional Leadership that I can partner with the grow and take over builder accounts- with me on the ground in FL, builders are low hanging fruit. My 24 month goal is to have 2 established regions, up and running and doing $500M a year each minimum, and growing, and two more regions that are just getting going.

I’m looking for strong servant leaders, individuals with strong business acumen, a desire to grow and people that are really entrepreneurial- I’m going to partner with and support these individuals, but they will be responsible for their business; I will provide the tools, resources, and support for them to be successful and remove any obstacles that stand in their way.

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