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Account Executives

Brea, CA
This job will be dealing with sales outbounds and inbounds, mostly going to be on phones with customer lead inquiries/loan applications, contacting clients for documents and conditions to prepare and organize digital files, working directly with loan processors, and light admin work. Computer software skills a must, aggressive and pleasant customer phone skills necessary.  

Pay Structure:
 The hourly is at $15-$20 per hour, (of course at the higher hourly rate, this requires a very seasoned sales/MLO candidate) plus commissions of 50 basis points (.50%) to 6 closings and then up to 80 (.80%) basis points at 7 closings and up, per month.  The hourly wage is recoverable against commissions, and MLO’s are expected to close about 10 units per month. All leads provided, they can remote work or from an office in Corona Ca., and commissions are paid weekly on top of bi-weekly wages.

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