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Title Assistant

Tustin, CA
We are seeking a Title Assistant for well established Southern California based title company. Position will be based out of Tustin, CA.

  • 3+ years of title unit experience as an assistant to the Title Officer
  • Excellent verbal/written skills along with strong interpersonal skills are required.
  • Ability to deliver superior customer service.
Master Order Process
  • Open Order Sheet/Fill Out (Generic Standard)
  • Open Order Log/Fill Out (Excel Report)
  • Open Order FAST System/Fill Out 
  • Open Searching/Examining (Chooses Orders Centrally RV)
  • FAST System (Order/Prelim Received/Printed-Inserted/File/Sent-Clients)
  • Order/Complete (Filed-Cabinet)
Closing Process
  • Escrow Company (Transmits-Physical Closing Package/Instructions)
  • Policy Writing Template (PWT/Prelim/Docs or PWT/Docs/Prelim)
  • Invoices/FAST (Fill/Populate/Print)
  • Payoff Package (Transmitted-Payoff Management)
Recording Confirmation Review
  • FAST/Document Repository (File Notes-Log Recording Information)
  • Documentation (Recording Information Transfer-Documentation)
  • Escrow (Send Invoice-Fees-Confirmation-Notate FAST)
  • File Closure (Terms-Dates-Status-Mark Closing Date-Mark Done-FAST)

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